Monday, August 24, 2009

Jean Shepherd - Hearing Voices

by Dick Mac

Last Sunday morning and yesterday, my local NPR station, WNYC's broadcast of Hearing Voices, played a two-part tribute to Jean Shepherd. "Shep" was a regular commentator on New York's WOR radio from 1956 to 1977.

I am not a native New Yorker. I moved here spiritually in the mid-1970s, but I did not move here physically until the late-1990s. I never knew about Jean Shepherd.

Harry Shearer hosts a two-part two-hour tribute to Shep, that includes re-broadcasts of shows he recorded about his time in the military and his experience at the 1963 March on Washington, among other topics.

I don't know if Shep was the creator of this sort of radio narration, but he did it remarkably well; better than anyone else I've ever heard. He talks deliberately and engagingly about food, buses, management, radio, law, lawlessness, sense (common and otherwise), and any other topic you can imagine.

Jean Shepherd 1: A Voice in the Night [Audio available.]

Jean Shepherd 2 [Audio to be posted on August 26, 2990].

Hearing Voices

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