Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fox News Boycott Successes - A Little Bit At A Time

by Dick Mac

On Tuesday, GEICO pulled its advertising dollars from the Glen Beck show on the Fox News Channel. GEICO follows Proctor & Gamble,, Progressive Insurance, and SC Johnson, who also pulled their ad dollars from the show.

This sounds like progress, but more work is needed. These advertisers need to be encouraged to pull all ad revenue from the entire Fox News network, perhaps the entire Fox array of broadcast outlets, and ideally from all News Corporation outlets.

I know that liberals will tell you that boycotts never work, but they do. Corporations listen to consumers who send letters and express their opinions. They are listening, so you should tell them what you think! Ignore liberal nay-sayers who whine about boycotts never working and take action yourself!

Visit the colorofchange website to learn more about their work against Beck; and visit to find out which companies advertise on Fox News, and what you can do.

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