Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Norm Coleman Loses

by Dick Mac

A sleaze-bucket is a bucket full of sleaze.

Keeping that in mind, I am thrilled that Norm Coleman lost the Senate race from the State of Minnesota.

After months of obstructing the constitutional process of the United States of America, sleaze-bucket Norm Coleman finally admitted that he had lost. Like a sleaze-bucket, he didn't concede because he lost, which had become crystal clear months ago when mathematics and election laws proved that Al Franken had beaten him. No! Like all Republican sleaze-buckets (not that all Republicans are sleaze-buckets, but those that are sleaze-buckets fit here), Coleman wasn't going to let anything like mathematics or law get in the way of his plans, he was going to have the highest courts he could reach (often filled with Republicans, sleaze-buckets or not) decide, hopefully ignoring the mathematics and laws.

Fortunately, the Minnesota Supreme Court would had had enough of the charade, and declared Al Franken the winner of the election. Coleman, in his concession, mentioned nothing about the votes of the citizenry, instead he discussed the courts:

Sure I wanted to win. I thought we had a better case. But the court has spoken.

Coleman, like a good sleaze-bag, did have a good case, but he had LOST the election; and fortunately the Court realized this was about an election, not a case to be made.

And, finally, Al Franken will be sworn-in as Senator from the State of Minnesota. Now the clowns in Washington will have a real comedian to contend with!

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