Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon & Kate: Why Straight People Shouldn't Be Allowed To Have Children

by Dick Mac

People should really wait until they are mature and confident in life before they get married and reproduce. Heterosexuals prove over and over again that they are incapable of restraint, self-control, and self-sacrifice. Marrying in their twenties and making babies as soon as they can, they then divorce when they discover themselves or what to discover themselves.

Heterosexuals regularly create families they cannot support and make commitments they refuse to keep.

Jon & Kate are a couple of American hicks who decided to over-populate, and turn their family into a sideshow that would make P.T. Barnum blush.

Everything seemed lovely and fine until, like almost all heterosexuals, they were unable to remain faithful, and are about to divorce, leaving eight (yes, EIGHT) children in another broken home.

When will the government and/or the churches intervene to put an end to this irresponsible, costly, and unfair practice.

Stop Straight Marriage Now!

Stop irresponsible heterosexual breeding!

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Anonymous said...

i pondered on this around four am. ...fertility drugs to have babies...if the universe makes it that difficult to have kids maybe peeps should reconsider.