Monday, June 15, 2009

Hiram Monserrate

by Dick Mac

I live in Brooklyn and enjoy watching the New York political circus. One recent escapade has been particularly amusing.

Hiram Monserrate, a state senator, elected as a Democrat from Queens, is one of two New York City senators to recently jump ship and announce they will become Republicans, or they will at least vote with the Republicans. This eliminates the Democratic majority in Albany, and gives conservative upstaters the votes they need to prevent funding for New York City, funnel tax dollars away from the City, most importantly, prevent gay marriage.

I am all for communities electing representatives who share their ideological concerns and ideas. If the voters in Hiram Monserrate's part of Queens want a conservative, anti-gay, pro-business Republican (is all of that redundant?), then they should elect such a politician. However, they elected a Democrat which, although does not immediately equate a support of gay marriage, certainly shows a desire to have a less conservative senator than most upstate communities.

When the voters in Elmhurst next go to the polls to elect a state senator, I hope they will elect a senator who truly represents their interests. Irrespective of their liberal or conservative desires, I hope they vote Hiram Monserrate out of office.

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Less to the point, but certainly supporting the notion that he is unfit for office, in December, 2008, Monseratte was arrested:

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