Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Workingman's Red Bull

by Dick Mac

John Wolyniec is a veteran striker for the soccer team I support, Red Bull New York. He has been a workhorse for the team over the years, and I doubt there is any player who has tied or won more matches with last-minute heroics than Woly. In playoff games, on-the-road, at home, at any part of the season, with the team mired in last place or driving hard for the playoffs, Woly performs at the top of his game during every minute he is on the field.

This past weekend, RBNY was struggling, playing a man down, against a powerful Houston team. Woly came into the game and scored a goal in the 88th minute to tie the game.

Watch this pass into the box by Dane Richards, and see Woly battling Ricardo Clark to get the ball in the net!


This season, I am wearing a white RBNY home jersey to every match, and on the back it says "Wolyniec 15"!

Thank you, Woly!

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