Friday, May 29, 2009

Bloomberg Knows "Disgusting"; er. I Mean "Disgraceful"

by Dick Mac

New York City Michael Bloomberg has been a terrible mayor for New York, but in these neo-conservative, he is able to hide behind his undying worship of money and security to appeal to New Yorkers' basest fears.

In refusing to obey the law and insisting on running for another term as mayor, in flagrant violation of the term-limits his conservative co-horts so adore, Bloomberg has mounted a campaign that insists the media discuss only the matters he has determined really matter.

If any reporter dares to veer from the path of Bloomberg's Final Solution, that reporter is attacked with invective and churlishness that make former DC mayor Marion Berry look like an even-handed jurist and orator.

Bllomberg called a New York Observer reporter "disgusting" yesterday, and even when I agree with the mayor, I do not believe he should be calling people names. Edit: OOPS! He didn't call the reporter "disgusting," he called him a "disgrace."

What is left of the media is all we have to provide some checks and balances, and until Bloomberg and his co-horts takeover all of the media outlets, they need to answer to the press.

I hope New Yorkers will vote against Bloomberg this year.

If you just can't vote for a Democrat or you just can't vote for a Republican, consider voting Green; they are trying to save the planet.

Bloomberg To Reporter: 'You're A Disgrace'

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