Thursday, April 30, 2009

Republican Congresswoman Refers to Matthew Shepard's Murder as a Robbery

by Dick Mac

I knew in 1980 that Ronald Reagan was either clueless or evil. I still don't know which it was; but, his legacy is now shown as complete and utter moral bankruptcy.

This woman is either evil or clueless, and I am beginning to think that the naivete of all Republicans is sadly closer to stupidity than malice.

These people, from Reagan, to Virginia Foxx, to pasty white racists who need to vote Republican, to the Reagan Democrats who have helped destroy this country, are all dimwits! Everyone who has voted Republican in the last 28 years is either evil or stupid.

When will these people be stopped?

We are in our third century as a nation, and we are listening to this crap?

Holy shit!


Joey said...

I couldn't say that all that voted republican are stupid or evil but a good majority of them are. I think they are just oblivious to the true issues at hand and are blinded by the conservatives. The republican party has gone from a respectable party to a party split 90-10(%)ultra-conservative compared to true republicans. The republican party still has life, but not if they do not differentiate themselves from the conservatives that plague their populous. This should be clear to most if not all now that Arlen Specter has changed coats. If his comments and explanation for switching did not open the eyes of many republicans then perhaps they are evil and only here to dilute the rest of the political spectrum. The ignorance displayed on a daily basis by conservatives in power is baffling.

AKA Ted Faigle said...

THE REPUBLICAN PARTY DESERVES TO GO THE WAY OF THE WHIGS. Why do we even have to listen to their hateful stupidity any more - which is all they have left.

If you don't like the Democrats or if you don't want them to be the one ruling party then get behind one of the other parties or start your own! There are surprisingly many "third" parties in existence today. ALL OF THEM are way more deserving than the God Damned Republicans! For a list see: