Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mets Decline To Buy Naming Rights For Subway Stop

by Dick Mac

Baseball continues to be an embarrassment to America, capitalism, and good judgment.

Citigroup, a welfare queen that would make Ronald Reagan blush, will spend $20,000,000 per year for the next 20 years to have their name emblazoned on the New York Mets' new stadium in Willets Point, Queens.

"Welfare Park" will open at the beginning of the 2009 baseball season, and the Mets will take the taxpayers' dollars without batting an eye. Like all good conservatives, the Mets ownership will take the taxpayer for every nickel they can get. That's how conservatives are: when there are people who really need government assistance, they insist that is socialism; but, when it comes to rich white guys getting government money, then that is a free market.

So, the Mets' big plan includes getting $400,000,000 in welfare, and for the citizens of New York State to donate a subway station to the cause.

It is not verboten for the MTA to attach a corporate name to a subway station, but the idea is that the corporation will pay money for the privilege.

The Mets want the current Shea Stadium stop on the Flushing Line to be renamed Citi Field, so that it matches the name of Welfare Park. The Mets, however, are not willing to get up off any of the four hundred million they are collecting in welfare, so the MTA is refusing to rename the station.

Sadly, the MTA is renaming it Mets/Willets Point; which I think is far more generous than the welfare queens in Fred Wilpon's empire deserve.

Name the station Willets Point. Period. No "Citi Field," or "Mets," but maybe "Welfare Park"!

Stadium Is Citi Field, but the Subway Stop Has Other Ideas


Chris Huff said...

This is insane! With all that is going on, why can't they just call it Queens Field or Shea Stadium II or New York Park...

they "have" to spend $20 MIL a year.

Baseball is complicit, but you can't just blame baseball. These corporations should not be allowed to spend bailout money this way.

AKA Ted Faigle said...

Why do you all be hatin' America so, mons?

Dun you know... Base-aball ben beddy beddy good to AmeriKa?

Next I think you be ranting against Apple Pie, for Christ's sake!

Apple Pie ben beddy beddy good too. Maybe you need eat more Apple Pie. God bless base-aball! God bless Amerika!