Thursday, March 19, 2009

It can all be gone in a flash!

by Dick Mac

I spent yesterday away at the funeral of an aunt. She was 88-years-old, a mother , grandmother, and great-grandmother.

She was an avid reader and politically astute. I enjoyed the times I would spend debating the state of the world, whether it be supply-side economic theory or personal freedom.

She had been sick for a while, and her death, though very sad, was not a sudden, shocking surprise.

When I returned to New York last night, I met some friends and the conversation turned to Natasha Richardson, the daughter of Vanessa Redgrave and wife of Liam Neeson, who died suddenly after a fall on a beginner's ski slope in Canada. Richardson was 45-years-old and seemingly fit and healthy. She was not supposed to die like this.

And it reminded me that this mortal coil is temporary, that life is to be lived to its fullest, that love is to be shared, and justice defended, and the world made a better place because I am in it. This can all be gone in a flash!

If you can't make the world a better place, then why bother living?

Natasha Richardson dies after fall on ski slope

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AKA Ted Faigle said...

I send sincere condolences on your loss, my brother.

And I am right there with you on the worth and purpose of life. Thanks for putting it out there. Take care and live strong.