Friday, March 27, 2009

" . . . can't help but think that race might have played a part . . . "

by Dick Mac

A white police officer in Texas pulled-over an SUV driven by a black man who rolled through a red light, on his way to a hospital where his mother-in-law was dying, and instead of helping the guy and his family, the cop berated, humiliated and threatened the man.

I know conservative apologists (we're not allowed to call them racists anymore) will point out that the guy did blow the red light; so, he only got what would come to any citizen.

I gotta tell you that as a white guy I have walked away from more flagrant violations of traffic laws and criminal activity than this, and I do not know any black guys who have had similar luck.

Fortunately, the guy's wife, whose mother was dying inside the hospital, was smart enough to just walk away from the idiot and be at her mother's side.

To his credit, the black guy managed to maintain a modicum of calmness, even when the cop pointed his gun at him and his family.

I like this line from the following article: "The Moats family, who are black, said they can't help but think that race might have played a part in the white officer’s behavior."

Ya think?

This story is news because the black guy is a millionaire football player; but, this happens all day every day all over America. White cops are not really allowed (anymore) to downright kill black men they don't like, but they still harass them like this.

Read the story here: Dallas officer delayed NFL player as relative died.

And here's a really irritating news story that shows some video footage of the event: Cop blocks NFL player from dying relative.

I will always believe that this would not be done to a white man.


ckb said...

There is nothing I can say in response to this at the moment that could be repeated in what would be considered even moderately polite company anywhere on the planet.

I just...can't find words for this type of bigoted garbage. It saddens me deeply and makes me very angry that this is still apart of our culture.

ckb said...

"a part", even -- combination of outrage and lack of sleep isn't a very good spell check, I'm afraid....

karen said...

I sincerely hope there is a HUGE civil lawsuit coming to that redneck peckerwood cop, who is a disgrace to his uniform.