Friday, February 13, 2009

"Are those real?" 10 Questions Never to Ask in Job Interviews

by Dick Mac

Well, that question isn't on the list, but I have been surprised by some of the questions asked by interviewees when I have been hiring. One thing I've decided though, is that it is better for interviewees to ask lame questions than no questions at all. I've never hired anyone who failed to ask questions during the interview.

10 Questions Never to Ask in Job Interviews by The Savvy Networker, Liz Ryan

I disagree with the author's tenth non-non question: "If you hire me, can I wait until [more than three weeks from now] to start the job?"

If you are transitioning out of one job and into another job, it would be appropriate to give notice and negotiate your last day with your current employer. Generally, though, I think her list is on the money.

Happy interviewing.

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