Monday, December 22, 2008

Protecting Our Nation and The World

by Dick Mac

As the Bush Administration explains over and over again, we need to make pre-emptive strikes against rogue nations in order to protect the United States and the rest of the free world from the scourge of terrorism.

We actually destroyed a sovereign nation and executed its leader because, we were told, the nation and its leader were responsible for the events of September 11, 2001, and its military was building "weapons of mass destruction" that threatened all of the free world. Thinking people, of course, dismissed this notion while so-called conservatives insisted that Sadaam Hussein and his regime in Iraq were the greatest threat to American democracy since 18th Century British royalty.

The Bush Administration has had us mired in a war Iraq for most of its reign, ignoring the complicity of Bush's close friends in Saudi Arabia in funding Islamist terrorism, ignoring Islamist terrorist working openly in other African and Middle Eastern nations, and allowing Bush family friend Osama binLaden to remain free of charges for his role in the preponderance of international terror.

Saudi Arabia continues to fund Islamist terrorist around the world, knowing that no Western government will do anything as long as former Prime Ministers and Presidents are lavishly rewarded with civilian and corporate appointments that provide them and their families a lifetime of financial security.

Somalia has been without a government since 1991, and has become (along with Saudi Arabia) the true breeding ground for Islamist terrorism. In 2006, the Bush administration gave the green-light for neighboring Ethiopia invade, hoping that they might be able to garner some good press that would show the routing of Islamist terrorism. This has failed miserably, of course, just like all of the Bush Administrations attempts to secure the world.

The Taliban is so strong in Afghanistan that they are now negotiating with the government for a role in the nation's political future, and the Taliban actually controls most of that nation's dispensing of civil justice.

Iraq, which was never a breeding ground for terrorism is one of the world's most fertile terrorist breeding grounds, and thousands of young Americans have lost their lives (a long with hundreds of thousands of Iraqis).

We can find nowhere in the world that is safer, more profitable, less fearful, or better off in any way under the Bush Administration. Not the United States, not our allies anywhere in the world, not war zones, not developing nations. Nowhere.

Somalia, in particular, thank to George Bush and his Administration's total incompetence, is now a perpetual war zone that has spawned Islamist terrorists that not only strike fear into the hearts of Somalians, but have brought piracy into the modern world, and will continue to terrorize its citizens and neighbors as the days tick by.

Make sure you thank the current Administration for all their hard work. Pay special attention to those who've done the most harm: George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, and the erst of the criminals who would like us to believe they are only incompetent, but are actually criminally dangerous. Thank them for making the world, and especially our nation, a safer and better place.

The Bush Administration has done nothing to make the world a safer place.

Listen to a report about Somalia at NPR.

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