Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day - Vote!

by DM

We all know that Barack Obama and John McCain are running for President. Many even know about Ralph Nader's candidacy. Chances are, however, that other candidates appear on your ballot. Perhaps you should at least know they exist:

The following candidates appear on the ballot of multiple states:

Cynthia McKinney - Green Party
Ralph Nader - Independent-Ecology Party
Bob Barr - Libertarian Party
James Harris - Socialist Workers Party
Charles Jay - Boston Tea Party
Chuck Baldwin - Constitution Party
Alan Keyes - American Independent Party
Gloria E LaRiva - Party of Socialism and Liberation
Gene Amondson - Prohbition Party
Ted Weill - Reform Party
Brian P Moore - Socialist Party USA

Only Baldwin, Barr, McKinney, and Nader appear on enough ballots to actually win.

Although Barack Obama is being called a "socialist." he is not a socialist. Far from it. In fact, he couldn't be any less socialist! Wall Street likes Obama, because he is a company guy. He has every intention of aiding the flow of money to the top, just like his predecessors going all the way back to Reagan. He is smart enough to rearrange the tax breaks that the current American president established so that working people benefit instead of the rich; but he is not going to redistribute anything of substance. Please note, however, if you believe that redistribution of wealth is a good idea, you can choose from Moore, Harris or LaRiva, all actual socialists.

Depending on which state you live in, you may have additional choices. If McCain is too liberal for you, perhaps one of these candidates will tickle your fancy:

Amy Lou Wyatt (Write-In)
Andrew Clarke (Write-In)
Blaine Taylor (Write-In)
Bradford Lyttle (US Pacifist)
Brian Brown (Write-In)
Charles "Bud" Railey (Write-In)
David Byrne (Write-In)
David Rice (Write-In)
Donald Allen (Write-In)
Frank McEnulty (Independent)
Frank Moore (Write-In)
Gary Nettles (Write-In)
Gene Zarwell (Write-In)
George Phillies (Libertarian)
James Criveau (Write-In)
James Edgar Lundeen (Write-In)
James Germalic (Write-In)
Jan Arden Sykes (Write-In)
Jeff Boss (Independent).
Jeffrey Wamboldt (Independent)
Jerry Carroll (Write-In)
John Plemons (Write-In)
Jonathan Allen (Independent)
Joseph Polachek (New)
Judy Stang (Write-In)
Keith Judd (Write-In)
Kenneth Marcure Oiwa (Write-In)
Kevin Mottus (Write-In)
Larry Goddard (Write-In)
Lawson Bone (Write-In)
Leonard Habermehl (Write-In)
Lou Kujawski (Write-In)
Lynne Starr (Write-In)
Michael Faith (Write-In)
Michael Peroutka (Write-In)
RaeDeen Heupel (Write-In)
Richard Duncan (Ohio)
Robert Brown (Write-In)
Ron Paul (Taxpayers)
Ronald Hobbs (Write-In)
Santa Claus (Write-In)
Ted Brown (Write-In)
Ted Weill (Reform)
Thaddeus Hill (Write-In)
Thomas Stevens (Objectivist)
Yonyuth Hongsakaphadana (Write-In)

There is a lot at stake and it's easy to make jokes and impish remarks about the election, but with three Supreme Court seats at stake, it's important to anyone who is not a right-wing kook to vote for Obama. Even if you are in Illinois or Massachusetts or New York, and you think Obama can carry your state without your vote, go and vote for him. There is too much at risk. If we really want to send a message to the mainstream media, then an overwhelming Obama victory is the only thing that will make them listen to the tide of change.

Pity poor Ralph Nader running on the "I want to destroy my legacy to prove that I am right" platform. A man with such a marvelous legacy continues to tarnish his reputation to prove the simple point that everyone knows: America needs more than the one-party system of Democrats and Republicans. Instead of working to effect actual change, however, he continues to focus attention on himself with ridiculous runs at the White House. A pity really. A real waste.

Now I must shower, get to the polls to vote for Barack Obama, and make sure the technology is working properly at an Election Protection site.

Ron Gunzburger's Politics 1 site provides links to many of these candidates' websites, lists which appear on your state's ballot, and is the source for much of the data for this article.

Now turn off your computer and go vote!

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