Friday, October 03, 2008


by DM

Well, I watched the vice-presidential debate last night. It was the first election debate I'd watched in over twenty years.

I generally have no interest in these debates, because nobody really debates. It's like a fashion show with words; it's all style and no substance. This was proven to me in the debates between an actor and an orator; and since that actor became president without very much to offer besides a plan to destroy America I have had little interest in watching the show.

Last night promised to be a bit of a train wreck. Democrat Joe Biden is known for gaffes that have landed him in hot water, and Republican Sarah Palin commands the respect of a pre-school teacher. (Now, pre-school teachers should be well-respected, but this is America and we treat our teachers like so much detritus.)

I wanted to see one of them have a meltdown, but neither did.

I wanted to see one of them rattle-off a string of cliches, but neither did. That was left to the tedium of the post-debate punditry.

I, like many others I know, longed for the interchange that ended with "Governor, I know Hillary Clinton, and you're no Hillary Clinton." But it never happened.

But there was sexism, and I am surprised the mainstream media haven't covered that angle more. But, then again, they probably had all their articles and scripts written long before the debate took place. The last thing about which we can accuse the mainstream media is creativity or on-the-spot analyses.

Had Sarah Palin cried during the debate, she would have been criticized (hillaried, if you will), because women aren't supposed to cry if they are strong. I believe the turning point in the Democratic Primary was the day Hillary cried. Damn it, nobody's supposed to cry in America!

"There's no crying in baseball!" remains one of the battle cries of American culture, and even when it's said ironically, everyone really still believes it. NO CRYING EVER!

Especially men! You're supposed to be strong. Face-up to the hard realities of life.

I know a medical doctor who thinks that crying is an unacceptable, dirty emotion; and this guy is tops in his field!

Americans have no time for crying.

But there was Joe Biden, getting weepy when recalling the loss of his family in a car wreck.

I would get weepy talking about that. Crying is rooted in anger, and anger is rooted in fear. These are perfectly normal emotions and experiences, and we all struggle with them.

Joe Biden cried and he hasn't been politically pilloried (or hillaried). I think Palin would have been. That double-standard represents sexism, and it's alive and well in America.

But, as to the debate: Nothing.

Dullness. No big gaffes. Some small gaffes, but nothing worth noting.

I'm still voting Democrat.

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