Wednesday, October 01, 2008


by DM

Sarah Palin was required to file her finances with the Federal Election Commission within thirty days of announcing her candidacy. She says she became the vice-presidential candidate when she was nominated at the Republican convention, on September 4, 2008; but John McCain established the McCain-Palin Compliance Fund six days earlier, on August 29, 2008.

Of course, this means her finances were due on Monday; but, since she is a conservative with Jesus on her side and all the witches exorcised from her soul, she sets her own date and that date would be October 3, 2008, this coming Friday.

The Federal Election Commission says that Palin's financial statements are overdue, but she insists that she has a few more days.

How complicated are her finances that she needs more than 30 days to file them with the FEC? Or is she hiding something?

I guess the latter.

Awaiting Palin’s Personal Finances

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