Friday, September 05, 2008

So Much Babysitting

Ben Stein, conservative Republican stalwart, television game show host, speechwriter and comedian offered his opinion of the Sarah Palin nomination:

It will be interesting to see if Henry Kissinger takes the assignment.

It's exciting to hear him refer to the "fundamentalist, born-again, backwards values" of the United States. This is language we do not hear enough. The problem with Republicans is no longer their economic policies or their social constipation. Those haven't been the problem in a long time. The problem is that the GOP has become the party of the wacko fringe religious right, and more Republicans (like Stein) have to speak-up about it.

Ben Stein doesn't believe in evolution, so his credibility diminishes a little bit in my book; but, unlike many Republican apologists, he isn't blinded by Jesus (thank God for Jews), and his intellectual prowess is impressive.

Sarah Palin's credential are unimpressive -- wholly unimpressive. But she's adorable as a beauty queen . . .

. . . and apparently is in need of a babysitter.

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O'Reilly said...

Ben Stein is appalled at the choice but he bends over backwards to make the best of it.

Peggy Noonan too. In her case, she chatted on a live mic on the set of MCNBC. Ooops. Nothing she said onthe air resembled what she was willing to say in "private".

There is no question, that the choice of Palin does not put Country First! although they did find themselves a rabid ideologue formed in the likeness of George Bush.

Here's my latest for you and our friend Henry:

Whether Sarah Palin has returned to Alaska to attend to family, take a crash course on national and international matters, or simply to limit her exposure to the press, the fact is her withdrawal from public limits her exposure and as a result, opportunities for voters to assess the candidate for themselves.

Last week, we learned she is any every woman, a mom, a governor, a reformer, a politician who can deliver a devastating attack on her opponent with a smile on her face, a Christian who believes the war in Iraq is a "task that is from God” and that abortion - even in cases of rape and incest - should be a crime in the United Stated. She is the candidate for the second highest elected office in the land, one heartbeat from the presidency.

With 60 days before the election, what is the McCain campaign saying about VP candidate Sarah Palin by taking her off the campaign trail?

David Gregory: “There has got to be a concern in the McCain camp that her initial appearance, as dazzling as it was, might represent a high water mark. Senator Biden is going to appear on meet the press Sunday with Tom Brokaw but McCain’s campaign manager Rick Davis was on Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough this morning and said there’s no plans yet for her to do any interviews. Listen to this.”

Joe Scarborough: Can we expect Sarah Palin on Meet the Press and other one on one interviews throughout the course of this campaign?

Rick Davis: We’re going to do whatever we think is the best to win. We have 60 days left and if we think it’s a good idea to go out there and do those shows, we’ll do ‘em.

I think McCain’s campaign manager just admitted that it may not be a good idea for McCain’s prospects to have Sarah Palin answer questions in one on one interviews on the usual nationally televised programs.

Joe Scarborough: Can you avoid it? Can you avoid Meet the Press?

Rick Davis: We can afford anything we want to do.

As recently as last night, John McCain promised to set a new standard for transparency and accountability. One would think that would include requiring the VP candidate, an admitted new comer to the national scene, to campaign and to answer questions in one on one interviews as is expected of VP and other holding elected national office. I’m left wonder whether John McCain and Rick Davis expect you and me to buy a pig in a poke.