Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Imagine what America would be like with a 20 percent decrease in fear, a 10 percent increase in literacy, and more transparency in the media . . . "

An email I received this morning included a link to a Vanity Fair blog, and I followed it to find this:

A few days ago, I crawled away from the Democratic and Republican national conventions. I wasn't even a participant—wasn't even in America for the Democratic one but listened and watched from Scotland, and monitored the RNC from Los Angeles—and I felt worn out. Mr. Giuliani said "9-11," who would have thought? Mr. McCain was as inspiring as laundry. It was Ms. Palin's comedy routine that was most memorable. Freaky. How a woman who says that the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is lipstick is supposed to get me off is beyond me, but hearing the Nuremberg roar that greeted her scripted stupidity, someone was into it. Republicans who enjoy this kind of thing, they're a strange bunch, know any? I wonder what they'll do when and if they get what they want.

Continue reading the entire blog entry "Are We Really Going to Elect Sleepy John?" by Henry Rollins at Vanity Fair

Thanks to Kathy for sending this along.

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