Monday, September 29, 2008

I Adore Smart People

I've got friends! I've got good friends. I've got good friends in high places. I've got high friends in good places.

Most of the people with whom I am friends are smart. Some are book smart, some are erudite, some have college degrees and some have graduated from the school of hard knocks. But they are all people with whom you can have a conversation. Unless you're stupid. Or conservative. Which might be the same thing, as we have been learning for a generation.

I have a particular friend named Lori. She is really smart. She is text book smart like a scientist and she is erudite. By that, I mean that she learns stuff no matter what she is doing. I once remarked that Lori " . . . always hits the nail on the head. She can discuss and analyze economics, politics, music, painting, or fingernail polish with a sensibility that leaves me begging for more."

Last week we were dining with mutual friends. We were talking about economics or politics or music or Indian food or fingernail polish, and the death penalty and drug addicts and all those issues that make living life so dynamic. Actually, we were dining with a friend whose parents had been murdered by a meth head, and the conversation leaned more towards the serious and emotional than the callous and witty.

I adore Lori, so I popped the question: "Did you get my email this morning?"

She hadn't. She's busy. She has a real job and doesn't take as much time surfing the web and writing emails as I would like to think.

My email had asked the real question: "Would you like to be a guest writer on Dick Mac (alive!)?"

I got my answer this weekend, and it was: "Yes!"

So, the next post to be published here later today is the first entry by Lori, a guest writer at Dick Mac (alive!). I hope you enjoy her ideas and her writing as much as I do.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea! I look forward to reading Lori's posts.