Monday, September 22, 2008

Bailout The Rich, Then They'll Take Care Of The Poor

But, of course, in America, working people consider themselves the "middle class" and some other people are the "poor" people. So American working people, well - white-skinned American working people - consistently vote against their own interests, electing Republicans who tell them that they spend too much money supporting the poor (themselves).

This has been going on since 1980 (TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS), and white-skinned American working people are still voting Republican. (And if you think I am exaggerating, just wait until you see what happens in November.)

Come forward, now, the economic disaster that is the American economy. A generation of deregulation and corporate subsidy has landed us at a decision about whether or not to give $800,000,000,000 (eight hundred billion dollars) to Wall Street to bail them out of the mess they've created.

We will give it to them of course, because they control our government and all the elected officials (from McCain to Obama, from Clinton to Specter).

The Democrats who pretend to have the interest of the working people in their plans are insisting that more governmental control, relief for homeowners, and capping of executive salaries be included in the bailout.

Both sides are liars and cheats.

How dare the Republican Administration even consider giving Wall Street nearly a trillion dollars, a blank check, to save themselves? You know how? Because the American people still believe that Reaganomics will work and they will continue to elect men like George W Bush and John McCain to implement supply-side economic theory that has completely failed them. And secure middle-class Republicans will sit around saying that it is only the fault of the people who went into debt that they are losing their homes, that government oversight of the mortgage industry isn't needed.

And how dare the Democrats say that people who signed bad paper should be rescued and that chief officers of corporations shouldn't get the money they've earned? If you signed bad paper, then you should find a new loan to help you out, and if you can't afford one because the gas-guzzling SUV you're driving eats-up all your discretionary income, well then take the fall, change your lifestyle and begin to rebuild. Then think twice before you vote Republican again, because it is the GOP's plan that this be the state of our economy. And if we cap the salaries of the CEOs we will be closing one of the few doors that allows bright middle-class children to move into the ruling class.

Call your elected official and demand that Wall Street be forced to rescue itself. Let the lay-offs begin. Force them all into bankruptcy. Let them sue their chiefs for malfeasance. Let the prosecutors have the CEOs arrested for fraud. Let the bastards wallow in it.

But do not give them a trillion dollars of tax money to save themselves!

Or, perhaps we should bailout the rich and watch the money trickle-down to help the poor. That's what we've been promised.

If you vote in November, and you vote Republican, you must really hate America!