Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wal-Mart is At It Again!

I received the following from the American Rights at Work organization by way of a message from my friend Ted, in Philadelphia.

This is important.

The right-wing has been tampering with elections for years, and they must be stopped.

Wal-Mart is telling its employees to vote against Democrats in the upcoming election.

Apparently Wal-Mart has been holding mandatory meetings with supervisors, threatening them that if they vote for pro-worker candidates like Barack Obama in November, the Employee Free Choice Act will pass, making it easier to form unions in Wal-Mart stores.

This is potentially illegal, and there's a petition to demand an investigation of Wal-Mart.

I just asked the Federal Election Commission to immediately investigate this story. No one should be told by their boss how to vote.

Sign by Thursday to have your name included in our petition delivery to the FEC. Click this link:

So, please take a moment to sign the online petition by clicking:

It's worth your effort!

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