Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good For Hillary!

Hillary Clinton took the stage at the Democratic Convention last night and heartily endorsed Barack Obama.

Clinton's speech took place the same day that John McCain began airing a television ad that uses her anti-Obama campaign remarks that McCain is better qualified to run the country than Obama.

Clinton needs to hit the campaign trail telling voters in swing states that she supports Obama, that she believes he has the skills to run the country, and that John McCain lacks the necessary temperament to be President.

These statements would be the opposite of what she has said on the record. She provided McCain remarkable sound bites to use against Obama, and she has to personally tell all Americans, market-by-market, that she was wrong. She has to tell America that Obama can lead the nation and that McCain would be a disaster.

If Clinton does make the effort to counter McCain's usurping of her remarks, I might regain a modicum of respect for her. If she fails to visit every market where McCain uses her words against Obama to his benefit, and Obama loses even one of those states, I will hold her personally responsible for the loss.

Clinton apologists defended her remarks during the campaign, and now her words have come home to roost. I hope her supporters will demand that she get to work to elect Obama, and start a personal campaign to retract her inappropriate remarks that are being used in McCain's ads.

I want to be able to write another entry titled "Good For Hillary!" and I will do that as soon as she begins countering McCain's ads with personal appearances in swing states where McCain is using her to do his dirty work.


O'Reilly said...

I want to be able to write another entry titled "Good For Hillary!" and I will do that as soon as she begins countering McCain's ads with personal appearances in swing states where McCain is using her to do his dirty work.

What's HI in the middle and round on the end?


Hillary's just the right person for the job and I think she'll deliver there and in PA, both critical wins for the Democrats.

GOP VP tryouts

Anonymous said...

Like too many Americans, John McCain and his handlers are just hateful and retarded. They demand that Hillary Clinton do or say what they want her to do or say to justify their totally distorted view of reality. Hillary just doesn't have that kind of power or responsibility - she will never be able to un-constipate their minds, it is not up to her to try to do that and it is just stupid to ask her to waste her time and energy on impossible things.
The sound bites those retards are using against Hillary and now Joe Biden too, taken from the year-old debates and the primary campaign are what they will continue to press as the here-and-now truth of what the two of them feel forever more. Joe Biden said he did not think Obama was ready to be president. I think he was sincere. I think he has learned differently. Should he have to apologize for that? McCain's people think so. I take what Hillary said during the primaries to be the way she felt and what she felt was the thing to say in order to fight for the nomination. I do not believe she ever said anything unforgivable - only the right-wing media pundits and Obama devotees have spun it that way. They did even worse by Bill Clinton - I think it is downright disgraceful how they made him into a racist and a laughing stock. Neither Bill nor Hill nor Joe Biden need do any more Mea Culpas: get over it! What a waste of time that would be. It would be pandering to the worst elements in the Media-ocracy and those who are brainwashed by it. What Hill and Bill and everyone else who is serious about kicking Republican ass in November is to Look ahead. The primaries are officially over. Hillary was the toughest competitor Obama had. She lost. It's over. Let it rest. In my opinion, Hillary has done all she needs to do at this point: conceded with grace, dignity and integrity. At some point we have to take responsibility for hanging on to our resentments ourselves. To her supporters who are threatening to vote for McCain or just cannot get a grip on reality I would say "GROW THE F*CK UP!" Hillary and Bill are on board. They are NOT the enemy. In fact, they are among the best allies that the JORock Obidenama ticket has. Why push such pettiness? Who is going to benefit from that? It only feeds into the Faux News Channel and all the other TV infotainment machines' incredibly retarded distortion of anything the Dems try to do. Of course, it happened on the left as well when the early blissed-out Obama cult totally distorted Hillary's position as a Senator after 9/11 on the basis of the floor speech she made on her vote in favor of what they still insist approved the Iraq invasion. Apparently nobody bothered to read the speech which is incredibly thoughtful and clearly condemning of Bush and his plans, and totally framed in concerns for actually representing her constituency. It was no simple-minded pro-war vote as it was made out to be. Go read it. It turned out that the resolution was used by Bush & Co. to start a war and she even addressed such a possibility in her floor speech. She was right to never apologize for that even if it cost her the nomination of her party for president. I think Hillary is right NOT to apologize for anything from the primary campaign that the media twists into some kind of smear (in blatantly sexist ways). All that is just childish school-yard crap. Everybody needs to grow up and stop letting the retards set the standard of behavior - from the retarded George W. Bush to the apparently retarded Hillary supporters who might vote for McCain because they didn't get their way. -- tedfaigle