Friday, August 01, 2008

"City Parks now offer Wireless Internet"

In my weekly mailing from popbitch, I learned about Kennesaw, Georgia. So, I went to and read the Kennesaw, Georgia article. Most of the information in this article is from that wikipedia article.

Keenesaw's City Park, I learned, now offers WiFi. Which I think is impressive for such a small city.

The Civil War Battle of Kennesaw Mountain took place here.

I also learned that Keenesaw has been designated a "Preserve America" community.

The Preserve America initiative isn't actually meant to preserve anything, of course. It is meant to exploit the tourism opportunities of yet-unsullied and particularly beautiful or historic areas of our nation. Preserve America might better be called Exploit America. Be that as it may, Keenesaw is a Preserve America Community.

Keenesaw is the home of the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, which I would like to visit some day. I'm a fan of railroads and hope that the current social disaster of energy costs will lead to a railroad renaissance.

Moon's Station, the location where Andrew's Raiders stole a locomotive during the Civil War, is commemorated by a marker in Keenesaw.

Family Circle magazine selected Keenesaw as one of the nation's "10 Best Towns for Families," in 2007.

Working to preserve America and it's heritage, and to make the city one of the Best Towns for Families, the city passed a gun ordinance in 1982. The new law states that every head of household is required to maintain a gun and ammunition.

Now that's preservation!

What isn't clear to me is if, as a head of household, I am allowed to carry my gun while surfing the web in City Park.

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