Thursday, July 03, 2008

Saxony Wants To Be On "Split Ends"

My dear friend, Saxony (a/k/a The Kate), is a stylist in Columbus, Ohio.

I know you ask yourself: "But, wait, Columbus has plenty of style, why do they need a stylist?" Well, it's the stylists that provide a stylish place it's style upkeep.

Saxony has flown to New York to cut my hair, my family's hair, my friends' hair, and the hair of thousands of strangers. I recommend her. So, next time you are in Columbus, Ohio, please have Saxony cut your hair.

Now, to the business end of this post: Saxony is auditioning to be a contestant on the reality show Split Ends. "Why," you might ask, "should we care?"

Well, the production company visited Columbus doing a talent search, and Saxony has been selected as one of the finalists, and now it's up to the general public (that's me and you) to vote for the contestants that will be chosen to participate.

So . . . you are going to click the link below, go to the website, vote for her and sign-up to make your vote count! It's so easy!

Click here: Saxony's Split Ends Profile, then click the Vote button, then fill-out the form and voila! Saxony gets to be on the show!

Voting ends in 2 weeks and she needs about six hundred votes, so please vote and send the link to your friends!

Thank you for your consideration!

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