Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nice House, Senator Stevens, Musta Cost A Fortune To Decorate

The Justice Department accused [Senator Ted] Stevens of accepting expensive work on his home in Girdwood, Alaska, a ski resort town outside Anchorage, from oil services contractor VECO Corp. and its executives. VECO normally builds oil processing equipment and pipelines, but its employees helped do the work on Stevens' home.
Ted Stevens indicted, longest-serving GOP senator, by Lara Jakes Jordan, AP

I guess the longer a Republican is in office, the more likely he is to be exposed as a criminal. Those, it seems, who are not exposed as criminals are generally exposed as sociopaths, at best. It seems the entire Republican party, for all its so-called "conservatism," is really just a cesspool of lying, cheating, hedonistic, perverted old white guys.

Of course Ted Stevens took the bribes! Only an idiot would think otherwise. The question shouldn't be his guilt or innocence, but "how much other money and graft did he accept?"

By the way, Senator Stevens is the guy who brought us the $400,000,000 bridge to nowhere. Perhaps the voters of Alaska should reconsider the logic they use for electing senators.

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