Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where's The Beef?

Remember that ad with the little old lady demanding to know "Where's the beef?" I remember it as being funny, but I don't recall the product being advertised. And I don't really care what product was being advertised, either.

I do know where the beef ISN'T, and that is in South Korea. That nation, one of our staunchest allies, has had a ban on the import of American beef for many years, because they do not believe we can guarantee the safety of our beef.

They are correct, of course.

The conservatives who have taken over our nation and run the country into the ground, insist that our beef is safe. Of course they do!

Conservatives from Ronald Reagan to Hillary Clinton have been deregulating American industry for over twenty-five years, with the help of liberals like Ted Kennedy.

Federal oversight has been gutted, every federal agency has been decimated. Inspectors and auditors have been fired, their positions eliminated through attrition. Federal agencies are run by C-level executives from the industries they are supposed to police. Nobody in the United States can be assured that any product from baby toys to filet mignon to puppy chow is safe, anymore. And the rest of the world knows this and they don't want any part of our garbage products.

Even the South Koreans, who if asked would invent a way to wipe our asses if it meant more off-shoring of jobs from the United States to the exurbs of Seoul.

So, the current pro-America regime in South Korea has been bullied into lifting the ban on American beef. They've been told that if they don't buy our beef they will lose their preferred trading partner status. This means that China will get all the jobs making our flat screen televisions, Blu-Ray disc players, vacuum cleaners, and learning how to wipe our asses.

Beef is a huge part of the Korean diet, and the citizens want no part of American beef. So they have taken to the streets and created a crisis within the ruling party.

Associated Press is reporting that 80,000 Koreans marched in Seoul, which means that about 1,000,000 are probably marching in Seoul. BBC is reporting only that many thousands are protesting. Both outlets report that over 20,000 riot police are deployed, which means there must be a lot more than 80,000 protesters, because the ratio of police:demonstrators is never 1:4, it is usually more like 1:100 or more.

You see, we regulate information the same way we regulate beef, banking, energy, and telecommunications: only to the degree it serves the ends of the conservative agenda that is eating away America's soul, savings, and spirit.

I say: Good for the Koreans! Don't eat crappy beef, if you don't want to!

But, if you could open a few more factories to lower the price of flat-screen TVs and get to work figuring out how to wipe my ass cheaper than I can do it myself, I would be most appreciative!

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