Monday, June 23, 2008

Big Oil and Big Government - Follow The Money is urging citizens to contact their elected representatives in Washington about current Administration plans to allow off-shore oil-drilling and exploration in the Alaskan wildlife regions.

My elected officials (Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Chuck Schumer, and Rep. Anthony Weiner) have all accepted money from Big Oil, and their voting records show it (even if not as boldly as some other elected officials).

Clinton votes pro-Oil 22% of the time, Schumer 25% of the time, and Weiner only 9% of the time. There is no hope for Clinton, she is so deep into the pockets of the oil companies that she will never be brought back into the fold of supporting Democratic principles. Schumer and Weiner might be convinced to abandon the Big Oil cartel, though; and I will encourage them by promising to vote for them if they will promise to abandon Big Oil.

I will never again vote for Clinton, so I don't care what she does.

You can take action. Follow the link below to "Follow The Money" and see how your congressional delegation votes and how much money they accept from Big Oil, then send them the message urging them to oppose off-shore drilling. Then spread the word to your friends.

Follow The Money

If we don't take action, nobody will.

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