Monday, May 05, 2008

Another Elected Official Drunk Behind The Wheel

Vito J. Fossella is a Republican elected official representing Staten Island and part of Brooklyn. He is the only Republican in the Washington delegation from New York City. He consistently votes the Bush party line, which directly ignores the needs of his constituents.

Fossella is the type of guy you can regularly hear expounding on one moral issue or another: sex, drugs, abortion, fags, Arabs, war, the standard red-herring crap that allows him to stir-up emotion while ignoring the real issues of the day.

Of course, like most Republicans he believes that those moral issues apply to everyone but himself.

Fossella Is Charged With Drunken Driving
WASHINGTON — Representative Vito J. Fossella of New York was arrested early Thursday morning in a Washington suburb and charged with driving while intoxicated, the police said.

Mr. Fossella, the only Republican member of Congress from New York City, released a statement through his office acknowledging what he called an error in judgment.
Read the entire article at the New York Times site.

In the article, he goes on to invoke his family, as Republicans always do to move the spotlight off their transgressions.

The media fall for it, of course, because it is in their interest to keep Republicans in office. It is Republicans who will keep deregulating the communications industry and allow companies like the Times and News Corporation to buy up all of what's left of America's free press.

But, this doesn't mean you have to fall for this crap!

Fossella should be removed from office immediately. There are two Democrats working to unseat him, and if you cannot vote for them then you should consider sending them money:

Steve Harrison, a lawyer from Brooklyn, ran a good campaign against Fossella in 2006. You can find his site here. Harrison probably stands the best chance of unseating Fossella.

City Councilman Domenic M. Recchia Jr., of Brooklyn, has joined in a Democratic primary with Harrison for the right to run against Fossella in the upcoming election. You can find contact information for Recchia here. Recchia's ethnic background might play well with the voters who elected Fossella.

Either will be better than Fossella, so please consider supporting one or both of them.

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