Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Al Franken For Senate

Al Franken has written three books, and I've enjoyed them all. Franken's work with AirAmerica was a breath of fresh air in these troubling "conservative" times. Franken seems to really care about America and Americans, and not so much about phony "values" and protecting corporate interests who are screwing the citizenry.

Ronald Reagan made intelligence a dirty word, and people like Norm Coleman (a rather smart fancy-pants himself) got elected on the "I'm just a regular stoopit guy like you" bandwagon. Coleman is a New York Jew who moved to Minnesota and has done a disservice to America by promoting a flimsy "conservative" agenda rooted in the dismantling of our once-great government and the total deregulation of industry. Small-minded folks like Coleman want to keep us stoopit, isolated, and broke.

Well, Al Franken is a New York Jew who moved to Minnesota, too, and he isn't afraid to be smart and to say that we need smart people in office. Franken wants to restore America to its former greatness where budgets were balanced, children were educated, health care and medication was affordable, we ran the world, and we lived at peace with our neighbors. So, Franken is running for Senate.

I sent a campaign contribution, and you should, too! Click here to contribute.

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Charley Underwood said...

I have absolutely no doubt that Franken would be a 1000% improvement on Norm Coleman, but I hope you take a look at Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer as well. Jack is in a pretty close race with Franken for the MN Democratic party endorsment, and both have vowed to quit if the other gets endorsed. Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer has written 12 books, on foreign policy, on parenting, on our national values versus torture, on our budget as a moral document. A citizen adviser to MN icon Paul Wellstone, Jack spoke publicly and eloquently against the Iraq war. The root of his campaign is that endless wars for oil are making our nation less secure, while developing sustainable energy can provide a livable future and tons of green manufacturing jobs. Nothing against Franken, but please check out Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer at