Monday, April 21, 2008

The Pope And Bill Maher Both Have It Wrong

The Catholic Church has earned its reputation as a criminal organization involved in the systematic, institutionalized corrupt racketeering of child sex crimes. The Vatican is refuge to men who should be in prison.

United States RICO laws should be used to indict, arrest, prosecute, convict and imprison every member of the Church (especially management) involved in the crimes, starting with the current Pope, who personally wrote a business plan to keep sex crimes suppressed until the statute of limitations expired, all the way down to any cleaning lady or janitor who knew it was going on. And they all knew it was going on.

The Pope was in the United States this past weekend, and he committed yet another sin. In his speeches and homilies he continued to propagate the fallacy that the priests who raped children were "gay" men. Wrong! They were pederasts, not homosexuals.

Gay men do not rape children. Gay men are homosexuals: they have sex with other men. Pederasts (or pedophiles, if you prefer) rape children. Pederasts and pedophiles are not gay men, they are not homosexuals; their sexual orientation is unique: they have sex with children. Homosexuality is not a crime, nor should it be; pederasty is a crime and for good reason.

This Pope, the prior pope, and thousands of other homophobes in the church (who may or may not be homosexuals themselves) consistently link the criminal priests to "gay" culture, gay men, the gay community, and homosexuality. There is no connection.

Pederasts hide out in many communities, and are less likely to found in gay communities than they are to be found in wholesome, family communities where there is actual access to children.

The belligerent refusal of the church, the media, and homophobic apologists to speak clearly and accurately about this is sinful. To lump homosexuals with pederasts is repugnant because there is no similarity, there is no connection. By constantly inferring this connection, those in power fail to protect the children they claim to care so much about. If you want to protect little Catholic children from pederasts, then look for them where they live, talk about them as who they are: they are not gay men and they are not homosexuals, and as long as you look for them in the gay community and keep public focus on homosexuals you are going to be unable to find them.

It has been my hope that intellectuals, thinking people might help expose the hysteria; but they don't.

Come forward now, Bill Maher, who passes himself off as enlightened. Week after week he commits the same sin as the Pope and church he so readily criticizes. He refers to the criminal priests and the criminals who protected them as "gay." He does this consistently and regularly.

Mr. Maher, your ignorance is embarrassing! You claim to be too smart and sophisticated to fall for religion, yet you help the Church perpetrate their favorite political line: "gay people are bad, gay people hurt children, gay people are sinners." When are you going to stop this?

This is not just a matter of semantics, this is a matter of life and death! Promoting this homophobic line of thinking encourages continued violence against homosexuals and is an obstacle to our society becoming more accepting of homosexuals.

Pederasts are criminals and homosexual men are not. There is a huge difference between men who rape children and men who form loving, sexual relationships with other men.

Bill Maher and Pope Bendict are to be condemned for their continued attacks on gay men, and they should both be held responsible for promoting a line of thought that prevents us as a society from protecting the children they claim to want protected. They will have us focus attention on gay men as the problem, instead of looking at Aunt Mabel's annual family reunion or the Evangelical Church of the Sacred Bleeding Heart of Jesus Jamboree in the Bible Belt.

Both men ought to be ashamed of themselves. I expect this sort of crap from the Pope, but Bill Maher ought to be taken to task.

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