Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Like A Good Democrat . . .

Obama Breaks Forcefully With Ex-Pastor Over Fiery Remarks

Like his Democratic "opponent," Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama conveniently buckles under pressure from the right-wing media, loses another chunk of integrity, and forgets his past in hopes of saving his political future.

Why is it that Democratic candidates always equivocate on every issue that the media decides to turn into a scandal?

Just once I'd like to see Obama or Clinton have the courage of their convictions, and stand by their past statements, past relationships, and past decisions when the media turns them into scandals.

Obama's former pastor is no more despicable than millions of other Americans across the racial, political, and religious spectra. It's despicable that Obama, in hopes of becoming President, dismisses a man he once respected.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Mac!

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