Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"I’m actually more married than single . . . "

How important is gay marriage?

Well, there have been other times in American history when human beings were not allowed to marry other human beings because of prejudice. Mixed-race marriages were illegal in many states well into the 20th Century. Of course, non-whites and mixed race people like Barack Obama forget that they may not even exist if the "law of the land" had been followed in the recent past. Blacks and whites marrying was just as offensive to Americans a hundred years ago as gay marriage is to many Americans now.

Of course, blacks will tell you that it's different for them, just like they said it was different during the Don't Ask Don't Tell campaign perpetrated on the gay community by Bill Clinton. Blacks insisted that you could not compare the prejudice against gays in the military to the prejudice against blacks in the military.

The blacks who insist this are, of course, full of shit. There is no better comparison to argue gays in the military and gay marriage than the comparison to racial segregation in the military and bans on mixed-race marriages.

How quickly we forget, we humans. Especially once we get our slice of the pie.

Those who oppose gay marriage are bigots. There is no other word for it. Whether they are presidential candidates like Barack Obama, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton (all of whom oppose gay marriage) or idiotic sports stars or just your drunken philosopher at the corner bar, they are bigots. We can soften it any other way we like, but denial of marriage rights to homosexuals is discrimination, and anyone who supports discrimination based on sexual preference is a bigot.

And the worst type of bigots are the ones who spin it to make it sound that they are really very liberal but don't think this is an important issue (like Clinton and Obama). "Some of my best friends are . . . "

The New York Time published an article about homosexuals who live in Connecticut and are in civil unions, protected by that State's laws. There are problems for them, because they are not officially married, they are just civically united.

New York Times
March 17, 2008
Gay Couples Say Civil Unions Aren’t Enough
Eager to celebrate their partnership, Tracy and Katy Weber Tierney were among the first in line when Connecticut created civil unions three years ago as a way to formalize same-sex relationships without using the word "marriage."

But when Tracy was giving birth to their son, Jake, five months ago, a hospital employee inquired whether she was "married, single, divorced or widowed."

"I’m in a civil union," she replied. When the employee checked "single," Tracy protested. "I’m actually more married than single," she said, leaving the employee flustered about how to proceed.

Read more . . .

Perhaps you could contact your state officials and tell them you support gay marriage.

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