Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama Keeps Winning, As Does Clemens

Barack Obama won Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, to put push him into the delegate count lead. This of course doesn't matter, yet; because the convention has not been held and the Clinton machine sould easily lose more of the primaries and still control the convention.

Roger Clemens has won a victory, and later today there will be nobody testifying against him, except his accuser. That's right! Clemens has gotten all other witnesses released from their subpoenae. Andy Pettitte will not be required to publicly say what he is believed to have said in private sworn testimony: that he and Clemens both used steroids. Nor will Chuck Knoblach be required to testify. Clemens' control of this process is impressive, if not disheartening. I predict he will walk away from this mess unscathed, untouched, with his reputation legally intact. Let's just hope the American people and the sport writers show some backbone and shun the pitcher.

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