Wednesday, February 27, 2008

NAFTA Disaster

I make no apologies for supporting America's working people, and I am quick to point out that NAFTA was a disaster for the majority of working people in the United States, especially non-farming blue collar Americans.

It is important to remember that NAFTA was passed by Bill Clinton, and the First Lady at that time whole-heartedly supported it.

Even though she is pretending to waver on her support of the treaty, she is an advocate of it and supports CAFTA, the next treaty that will wreck havoc on the security of working people.

In Cleveland, Ohio, last night, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama discussed many issues, including NAFTA:
The two rivals also debated NAFTA, the free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico that is wildly unpopular with blue-collar workers whose votes are critical in any Democratic primary in Ohio.

Neither one said they were ready to withdraw from the agreement, although both said they would use the threat of withdrawal to pressure Mexico to make changes.

"I have said I would renegotiate NAFTA," said Clinton. "I will say to Mexico that we will opt out of NAFTA unless we renegotiate it."

Obama said Clinton has tried to have it both ways, touting the trade deal in farm states where it's popular while finding fault with it in places like Ohio.

"This is something I have been consistent about," said Obama, who said he went to the American Farm Bureau Federation to tout his opposition and used it as an issue in his 2004 Senate campaign.

"That conversation I had with the Farm Bureau, I was not ambivalent at all," said Obama.
(AP Report published at Yahoo!: Clinton, Obama clash over NAFTA, Iraq)

Neither candidate is progressive and neither of them has ever met an anti-consumer law they couldn't love. Both candidates are bad for America's working people. One, however, is worse than the other.

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Christine Meyers said...

Am I the only person who can see the trap that Republicans are setting in the US? They have raped us repeatedly over the past 8 years, and now they want the chance to do it some more. THEY are the ones who are supporting Obama because THEY know he could never win the presidency, even if Dubbya could run again. THEY know that Hillary is the real threat to the White House, so THEY are doing their level best, behind the scene skullduggery to get the Democratic nomination for Obama. This country would not put that man in office, and I don''t care how many fanatics out there disagree with me. I''m not saying it''s right, but I''m saying it''s so. Want to know where all the Obama support is coming from???? Look to the Grand Old Party. And the worst part is, their scam is working. We are such a gullible country.

DM said...

I think, Christine, that most of the GOP (certainly the Bush family) would be thrilled to have Hillary Clinton as president because she will continue the failures of Reganomis: liberalizing the economy while conservatizing social programs. The GOP and certainly all gabillionaires would love to see Hillary.

Neither Obama nor Hillary are a good choice for Dems.

Anonymous said...

I get the sick feeling that a massive fence is just something on which to install floodgates.
So as to have something that WILL be opened YET WIDER, but with our favorite toy, the big red button labelled "deterrent".

That Bush would dare to offer to sell out citizenship for the price of a used car, to people who think they can steal benifits, and that a street demonstration proves theyre ENTITLED to benifits...

I don't know about you, Americans, but our forefathers are starting to look over my shoulder at my WONDERFUL patriotism and ask "WTF?"