Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mitt Romney's Boys

I was watching a recording of Real Time With Bill Maher last night. It's the first of his shows to air since the writers returned from strike, and so the segment "New Rules" was included.

My favorite New Rule is that Mitt Romney's sons must now enlist for military service.

It seems that Romney, when a candidate for President, was asked why his sons aren't serving in Iraq and his response was that his sons' service to the nation was getting him elected President. Now that Mr. Romney is no longer a candidate, his sons are available to serve their nation.

So, whaddaya say Tagg (38), Matt (37), Josh (32), Ben (30) and Craig (27)? Have you got the spine to stand-up for the America you love so much and go whack some Iraqis?

I thought not.

The conservatives are all talk when it comes to the War in Iraq. They are all gung-ho about the war until you ask if their children will serve in the Armed Forces stationed in the war zone. Then the war is not so important as to require the lives of their children. They are spineless.

Romney and his brood are poster children for reinstating the draft. If everyone has to send their kids to war, then maybe the conservatives will be less likely to start one.

I do not support the draft, but there has to be some way to get these conservatives to Iraq if they think it's so important that we "win"!

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