Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who's Left?

Well, there are no liberals left in the nomination races for the Democrats and Republicans (the one major party).

John Edwards was the last contender with a liberal bent. He was also the last candidate with anything resembling an agenda, a plan, and details.

America is sadly left with four conservatives from whom to choose. Four guys whose plan will be to continue the liberalization of America's economy by giving banks, pharmaceutical companies, energy suppliers, military contractors, and media conglomerates the final say on all decision that affect the daily life of Americans, with no governmental oversight.

Clinton is a conservative whose plans to mire us more deeply in Iraq will guarantee her family, and the families of her friends like the Bush family of Texas, huge profits for years to come. She will move more jobs off-shore with the passage of CAFTA. She will restrict abortion in a round-about way by failing to include it in any health care plan she develops.

Obama will not do anything about aboloishing the death penalty, has no plan for the health care crisis, has made it clear that he thinks the sub-prime mortgage problem is the fault of cnosumers and has no plan for relief, will keep us mired in Iraq until his family gets their share of the profits, has no plan to relieve Americans of the rising cost of energy or banking; and he is a Reagan Democrat.

Romney will privatize as much of the federal government as he can, has no plan for managing the war, never met an anti-consumer law he couldn't love passionately, wouldn't know a health-care crisis if he saw it, and will gut what remains of our governmental oversight agencies.

McCain is just scary. Talk about a man with no plan! Holy shit!

Things look bad for the next five years.

Congratulations America! You have allowed the media to determnie who deserves a shot at the Presidency and they have left you with four conservatives!

Now, just go back to your televisions and Super Bowl party preparations, and let the world pass you by.

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