Monday, January 14, 2008

The NFL Playoffs and A Reason to Celebrate the Failure of Tony Dungy and the Indianapolis Colts

The New England Patriots beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, but not as soundly or as handily as expected.

The Green Bay Packers played through snow to beat the always dull Seattle Seahawks.

The lame, gimpy San Diego Chargers upset the always hateful Indianapolis Colts.

And, best of all, the New York Football Giants beat America's Team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Sure, there are plenty of reasons to dislike plenty of sports figures. For me, it is easy to dislike so many of them because they are "conservatives" and vote for Republicans. Some take it further.

It's easy to dislike the Cowboys because they are from Texas.

It's easy to dislike the Packers, because they are the team most likely to beat my team.

It's easy to dislike my team (the Patriots) because they are a dynasty in the making and have been caught cheating.

But, the Colts are the easiest to dislike.

According to ESPN and other "news" outlets, Tony Dungy accepted payment to speak about his "values" to the Indiana Family Institute, last March.

Sounds innocuous. Until you learn that the IFI is on the vanguard of denying gay and lesbian Americans equal protection under the law, even as they are expected to pay equal amounts of taxes.

The promotional material for his speech shows him dressed in Colts attire, including NFL logos. I am not surprised to think that the NFL hates homosexuals, but I am surprised that they wuold publcily align themselves with an organization that actively raises money for a political agenda.

Dungy is associating himself with an organization that wants all laws to be defined by "scripture" (that is, their personal interpretation of Judeo-Christian writings), in violation of the United States Constitution.

This makes Dungy a bigot. It makes him an enemy of humanity. It makes him loathesome. So, just in case you were looking for a reason to celebrate the Indianapolis Colts's loss, start with Dungy and his unAmerican agenda to discriminate against homosexuals.

Here are some links:

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I have read over the years that many teenage suicides are committed by young homosexuals that are rejected by their families and find themselves alone at a time when they most need love. I don't have statistics about how many teenage suicide victims are homosexuals, but it's a pretty common scenario; and one I've heard so many times.

So, at a time when we are aware of the needs of homosexual teenagers, why would a billion-dollar corporation (the NFL) and one of their stars (Tony Dungy) work so hard to further isolate these marginalized children?

What does the NFL think of teenage suicide? Do they think that supporting an organization like the IFI helps teenagers in crisis?

Does Tony Dungy think the supporting an organization like the IFI is good for America, good for humanity, and good for teenagers in crisis?

What do you think?

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