Wednesday, January 09, 2008

McCain, Clinton, Edwards, Santos, and Fiasco

John McCain won the Republican primary in New Hampshire, and Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic primary. Clinton's narrow victory in a Northeast state is not impressive, but it keeps her very much in the running.

I am surprised by the poor showing of John Edwards in New Hampshire and Iowa, but I can find a silver lining:

Is it possible that Americans are done with Southerners? That Americans are sick and tired of the thinly-veiled phony christus-waving draped in phony flag-waving wrapped in post-Reagan economic terrorism that Southerners of every stripe have promoted the past twenty-five-plus years? That would be a sparkling silver-lining in the otherwise dark cloud that is Edwards' poor showings.

(Edited 1/9/2008 1530)
On the writers strike front: I am disheartened to learn that Lupe Fiasco and Matthew Santos, whose appearance on Letterman I applauded last week, are planning to cross the picket lines at the Jimmy Kimmell show.

I am unsure what this means: are all musicians expected to honor the picket line? Do the writers sympathize with young musicians/performers and exempt them? I am trying to learn more and find out the writers' position on this.

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