Friday, January 04, 2008

Iowa Caucuses

8:30 P.M.
Anderson Cooper is reporting from the CNN studio. The blurbs at the bottom of the screen state that entrance polls have Clinton and Obama in a dead-heat for first place in the Democratic caucuses; however, with 5% of the caucuses reporting, John Edwards is leading with 36%.

CNN can't even match the graphics on their screen with the graphics on their board. This is already a bigger joke than I anticipated!

9:10 P.M.
NBC has called the Republican caucuses for Huckabee. CNN has Obama leading the Democratic caucuses with 34%, Edwards with 32% and Clinton 31%.

9:13 P.M.
CNN and CBS have called the Republican caucuses for Huckabee, too. It looks like Mitt Romney's millions have not purchased the caucuses for him.

9:26 P.M.
NBC is calling the Democratic caucuses for Barack Obama; and at 9:29, CNN made the same projection.

9:43 P.M.
85% of Democratic caucuses reporting, Obama has 752 state delegates for 37%, Edwards has 618 state delegates for 30%, and Clinton 615 state delegates for 30%. It's nice to see Clinton at the back of the pack.

10:07 P.M.
94% of Democratic caucuses reporting, Obama has 865 state delegates for 37%, Edwards has 695 for 30%, and Clinton 685 for 30%.

10:15 P.M.
95% of Democratic caucuses reporting, Obama has 879 state delegates for 37%, Edwards 704 30%, Clinton 693 30%. Clinton has slipped a little further back! Hooray!

10:28 P.M.
96% of Democratic caucuses reporting, Obama has 900 state delegates for 38%, Edwards 717 for 30%, and Clinton 706 for 29%. Now Clinton has dropped an important percentage point behind! Like Romney, Clinton's millions are not winning her Iowa!

10:41 P.M.
96% of Democratic caucuses reporting, and now the national delegate assignments are being counted as well. Obama has 910 state delegates for 38% and 16 national delegates, Edwards has 723 state delegates for 30% and 14 national delegates, while Clinton has 711 for 29% for 15 national delegates. I don't quite understand why Clniton gets more national delegates while counting fewer state delegates, but I'm sure there is some convoluted method to explain it.

10:41 P.M.
97% of Democratic caucuses reporting, Obama 911 38% 16, Edwards 724 30% 14, Clinton 713 29% 15.

At 11:00 P.M. Barack Obama delivered his victory speech.

Now the 2008 Presidential Election is underway!

Added at 0758:
Nobody should underestimate the importance of the fact that a black man has won a state that is 95% white; and this in a year where Democratic attendance at the caucuses increased from 124,000 to 227,000. America's desire for change might actually be greater than I anticipated, and might actually be strong enough to change the tide of elections, which tide is usually the purview of the media alone.

If Ameriacns vote their heart and soul, then the media and the conservatives will have little chance of maintaining business as usual.

My question remains: Does Obama really represent change or change of skin color?

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