Monday, January 28, 2008

Hillary's Connection To Obama's Slumlord Neighbor

Barack Obama won South Carolina in a landslide.

Since Dennis Kucinich has dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination, I am supporting John Edwards. Although Edwards placed third in South Carolina, I think it is most important that Hillary Clinton lost so handily.

My favorite side story leading up to the South Carolina primary was Clinton accusing Obama of having dealings with a slumlord (see, Obama on Rezko deal: It was a mistake), followed by a blogger publishing a picture of Clinton and her husband posing with the same slumlord (see, Hillary's Slumlord Returns to Haunt Her).

Clinton and her husband really lowered the bar in the weeks leading up to the South Carolina primary. Her husband should be ashamed of himself for stooping so low. I know the United States Presidency has been stripped of all its dignity since the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan, but President Clinton has no business slinging mud the way he has been. I always thought President Clinton might work to restore some dignity to the office, but he is unable to find any dignity.

Congratulations to Barack Obama.

Continued good luck to John Edwards.

And not enough embarrassing things can happen to the Clinton campaign.

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