Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Drew Carey Helps Out

The Michigan primary was held yestertoday. Who cares? Not me. I'll wait a while before I bother with another primary.

Congress held hearings about drug abuse in baseball, too. I care less about that than the Michigan primary. Maybe I'll write about it again when the assholes who run, and ruin, baseball actually say something important.

More important is a how the Writers Guild of America will pay its bills.

Raising money is always difficult, even when it's for a noble cause.

Unions have to keep money coming in while their members are on strike. Hollywood people might have it easier than others, but it is still a challenge.

I was heartened by this story about Drew Carey at the United Hollywood blog:

WGA and SAG member Drew Carey and the cast of The Armando Show played to a packed house last night at the iO West theater.
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