Monday, December 24, 2007

Steroids at Xmas

It's a holly, jolly Christmas! It's the best time of the year!

Would steroids make Christmas bigger? More fun? Hollier and jollier? Would the lights on the trees be brighter, but the balls smaller? Could Santa deliver the gifts like a 100+ mph fastball? Would Santa get too big for his sleigh? How would steroids affect Christmas?

What did steroids do to this man?

One of his best friends in baseball is Andy Petite, who has contritely admitted using the steroids that the two men are both accused of using. While they were teammates. And using the same strength coach.

The strength coach admits to injecting both men with steroids.

Do you think Roger Clemens is telling the truth? Do you think he is using the media to launch a campaign to clear his name? Do you think he plans to provide sworn testimony about his steroid use?

I think he's a liar. I think he plans to use the court of public opinion to clear his name and will avoid any courtroom proceedings that might require him to testify under oath.

Curt Schilling delivers a non-committal, almost apologetic, nearly pro-Clemens opinion at his blog Schilling claims to be writing as a fan, and I admire his candor. He stops short of saying that Clemens used steroids, because he doesn't know, any more than any of the rest of us without first-hand knowledge. Still, Schilling's post is scathing in the framework of the business of baseball. That someone of Schilling's social and political standing would crack the veneer that is baseball's integrity, speaks volumes about how much this steroid scandal could impact the sport.

What do we do about the batting and pitching records set by men accused of using steroids? What about the MVP and Cy Young awards? What about the World Championships won by teams with players using steroids?

And will the journalists who have historically (and hysterically) protected baseball from the evils of Pete Rose (gambling) and Tim Robbins (speaking against the war), take the sport, the owners, the union, and the players to task? Will they really call for change? Will they encourage people to do the only correct thing, boycott baseball? Or will they protect their own careers as baseball writers and continue to prop-up the lie that is major league baseball?

Merry Christmas!

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