Monday, November 12, 2007

Judge Mukasey Is Approved By Senate

The current president of the United States needs a new Attorney General. He put forth the nomination of Judge Michael Mukasey, of New York, a jurist who does not think that water-boarding a prisoner is a form of torture.

Water-boarding is an interrogation technique that simulates drowning. It is banned as torture by the Geneva Conventions.

The Geneva Conventions are the rules for treatment of prisoners by which civilized nations abide.

Since the current president of the United States is neither a civilized person nor sees value in civilization, preferring religious doctrine and the ultimate rapture as definitions of a successful species, there is no reason for the United States to pay any attention to the Geneva Conventions (most of which was authored by American jurists).

So, the current president of the United States has found a jurist who backs his plan to torture prisoners.

Not a problem, you say, surely a Democratic Senate will refuse to approve the nomination and the search will continue.

Not so fast, buster!

On Friday, the Democratic-controlled United States Senate, in a vote for the continued torture of detainees, approved the nomination of Mukasey.

The success of the nomination was managed by the cooperation of eleven Democrats, including both Senators from the great state of New York (Clinton and Schumer). Schumer voted "Yea" and Clinton did not vote, but we can assume that as a staunch supporter of the War in Iraq, a supporter of the current president's decisions, and her ongoing silence in the debate about torture, that Senator Clinton would have voted "Yea," had she fulfilled her duties to the citizens of the State of New York.

Democrats Bayh, Carper, Feinstein, Landrieu, Nelson and Schumer, along with former Democrat Lieberman, all voted along Republican lines to support the pro-torture judge. Remember the names when you go to the polls next election.

Democrats Biden, Clinton, Dodd, and Obama failed to cast votes. Looking at the list it is easy to see that they did not vote because they did not want to be seen supporting torture, because I am certain that all four would have voted "Yea." Including the darling of liberals, Obama, who is not the kind of liberal any liberal should really want representing liberals.

It's nice to see the Democrats are taking strong positions against the President's campaign of murderous war and torture. Approving an Attorney General who thinks water-boarding is not torture is hardly an Attorney General that represents the United States Constitution and the once-great American people.

See a summary of the vote here.

New York Times article.

Nice job, Democrats!

Our elected officials continue to fail America, the Constitution, and the basic tenets of civilization.

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