Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Evangelists Want To Re-Write Biblical Laws On Divorce

Evangelists tend to be politically conservative. I have no statistical proof, but I don't think I am taking a big leap with that conclusion. You don't see a lot of evangelists on the campaign trail for liberal candidates, or promoting liberal causes, or even being kind to liberals and liberalism; you pretty much see evangelists promoting a conservative agenda rooted in "biblical" teachings centered on hurting those who are least able to defend themselves.

Conservatives use the bible to proclaim the evil of homosexuality and the danger of science and medicine. They use the bible to prove we should kill those that conservatives don't like and then to prove that we should save those they deem it expedient to save (like the unborn who cannot be saved because they do not exist). Conservatives use the bible for everything except the promotion of love, acceptance and progress.

Now conservatives want to re-interpret the bible's writings about divorce. (See, An Evangelical Rethink on Divorce?, Time Magazine). They want to make it less controversial to dump your wife when you are through with her.

As the statistics show, American divorce is dramatically more prevalent in bible-belt states than in liberal states. The Northeast states (notoriously filled with intellectuals) hold the positions of the five states with the lowest divorce rate, while Wyoming, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Nevada (notoriously right-wing, conservative, "christian" states) have divorce rates more than double their liberal counterparts!

Rank - Region - Divorces - Rate

United States - 1,191,000 - 4.6

51 - Massachusetts - 14,530 - 2.4
50 - Connecticut - 9,095 - 2.8
49 - New Jersey - 23,899 - 3.0
48 - Rhode Island - 3,231 - 3.2
47 - New York - 59,195 - 3.3

05 - Wyoming - 3,071 - 6.5
04 - Tennessee - 34,167 - 6.6
03 - Oklahoma - 21,855 - 6.7
02 - Arkansas - 17,458 - 7.1
01 - Nevada - 13,061 - 9.0

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/National Center for Health Statistics

So, it is no wonder that conservatives want to re-write the bible's rules about divorce.


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