Wednesday, October 10, 2007


There are many types of brushes with which to paint, and many non-brush instruments for applying paint to canvas, paper, and other surfaces. I often like the block-y look of paints applied to canvas with a trowel.

Not all paintings use paint, either. I remember a series of paintings I saw that included coffee as the medium used to apply the color brown. One artist some years ago did his paintings in house paint and now museums around the world are trying to figure out how to restore them because, well, house paint peels, even in the best conditions.

Educated at Oakwood Prep School, near Chichester, the Bembridge Public School, Portsmouth College of Art, and West of England Academy of Art, the artist born Timothy James Francis Patch (now known as Pricasso), lives in Beechmont, Australia, and paints with his penis.

He does nudes, primarily, which makes sense. Since he is painting with his penis, then everyone might as well be naked.

On second thought: If I am going to sit for a guy to paint my portrait with his penis, I think I want to keep my clothes on, thank you.

Pricasso refers to the location of his public school as the Isle of White UK. I can't find any reference to the Isle of White, but find listings for the same public school on the eastern tip of the Isle of Wight.

Is it common for former residents of the Isle of Wight to refer to it as the Isle of White? I have never heard of this.

Anyway . . . Pricasso has a website, and you can commission him to paint you with his penis. (Where I come from, that is generally referred to as prostitution, but now I am showing my age.)

What the hell . . give him a call. Have your portrait done and tell him Dick sent you.


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