Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Juan Pablo Angel es Muy Atractivo

People en Espanol, the Spanish-language version of the insipid English-language weekly, has released their list of Los Hombres Más Sexy 2007.

To my glee, they announced:
¡Que se cuide David Beckham, pues llegó Juan Pablo Angel! Con sus facciones ultra-varoniles, un bronceado natural y su tremenda musculatura, el delantero colombiano de 31 años, del equipo los Red Bulls de Nueva York, trae hipnotizas a las aficionadas del fútbol.

I'm not certain what it says, but I think it says something like: Juan Pablo Angel, age 31, with his extremely masculine features and bronzed muscular body, is much sexier than David Beckham.

I concur.

The magazine rates Juan Pablo number Three, from a list of impressively handsome stars.

Juan Pablo Angel es Muy Atractivo

Read more in an article at Red Bulls site.

Juan Pablo Angel es Muy Atractivo

Now, I would like Juan Pablo to be named MLS Newcomer of the Year, MLS Most Valuable Player, lead Red Bull New York to the MLS Championship, and be named MLS Playoff MVP!

That's not too much to ask, is it?

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