Thursday, September 13, 2007

Texas Oilman Oscar Wyatt

So, a Texas businessman is being tried, and may very well be convicted, of doing oil business with our enemies.

This could be a joyous time in American jurisprudence.
Texas oilman trial hears conversation with Saddam
By Edith Honan
Wed Sep 12, 8:44 PM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Prosecutors played a tape on Wednesday of a conversation between Saddam Hussein and Texas oilman Oscar Wyatt, who is accused of paying bribes to Baghdad to win oil contracts.

Oscar Wyatt, an 83-year-old oil tycoon, faces five counts in Manhattan federal court, including engaging in prohibited financial transactions with Iraq, deals alleged to have violated the U.N. oil-for-food program.

The U.N. program was designed to provide humanitarian assistance to Iraq while it was under international sanctions.

Prosecutors played the tape of the 1990 conversation among Wyatt, Hussein and former Texas Gov. John Connally in a bid to establish the oilman's long-held close ties with the Iraqi leader and his government.

Wyatt and Connally, who died in 1993, had traveled to Iraq in a successful bid to free U.S. citizens held in Baghdad just before the U.S. operation to dislodge Iraqi forces that had invaded Kuwait just months earlier.

"...the American people did not want, were not prepared to die for oil," Hussein told Wyatt and Connally, according to a transcript of the conversation from prosecutors. "You know, you know Mr. Wyatt that the Iraqis sold one third of their oil exports to the United States until the second of August." More . . .

Is a Texas oilman really going to be convicted of collaborating with our enemies? No! Oscar Wyatt was doing business with Saddam Hussein, who posed no threat to the United States. This guy is being railroaded into prison to keep people from looking at the real problem: Texas billionaires doing business with Saudi Arabia, our real enemy.

Never forget that the money used to fund terrorism against the West comes, almost solely, from Saudi Arabia. Never forget that the people leading the alQaeda movement against Western Civilization are Saudi. Never forget that the men who flew planes into the World Trad Center towers were Saudi. Never forget that the people leading the charge to massive oil price increases are Saudi.

And who are the Texas businessmen who have been in business with the Saudis longer than any others? Without naming names, one family fancies itself as president-makers and the other fancies itself a family of presidents.

People who did business with Saddam and people who do business with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela are not betraying the American people. The worst violators of America's trust are the businessmen doing business with the Saudis.

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