Monday, September 17, 2007

Sixty And Still Kickin'

Some people never tire or retire.

O.J. Simpson, at sixty years old, is nobody's hero.

Irrespective of his acquittal on charges of murdering his wife and her friend, he is "known" by all in the world to have killed them. A judge in a civil court found him liable for his wife's death, contrary to the outcome of the criminal trial.

When wrongful death is a matter at hand, there are generally two court proceedings: a criminal proceeding, at which someone is found guilty (or negligent); and a civil proceeding, where damages are awarded because of such guilt (or negligence). Usually, a guilty finding in the criminal arena leads to a judgment on behalf of the plaintiff in the civil arena.

Simpson enjoys the opposite of the usual.

Raising the money to pay-off his children's grandparents for the death of their daughter (his late wife) has not been an easy task. Simpson has tried all kinds of hair-brained schemes, including an attempt to publish a book describing how he would have killed his wife had he wanted to. That scheme is almost sinister, and it is certainly creepy.

There have been television shows, almost like telethons, to raise money.

He is unwelcome most everywhere and cannot find the kind of work required to pay the money he owes.

He has owned impressive sports memorabilia, his own. He claims that some of the items have vanished from his possession and he wants them back.

When a sports memorabilia dealer moved some of that memorabilia into a Las Vegas hotel room, Simpson took the opportunity to retrieve them. He went to hotel to politely ask that they be returned. The transaction did not go smoothly and Simpson is alleged to have attempted to coerce the holders of the memorabilia in a not-so-polite manner.

He is alleged to have used guns. He denies the presence of firearms.

This will be a fun story to watch unfold!

O.J. Simpson arrested in Las Vegas robbery involving sports memorabilia

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