Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Dullness Of Conservatism

Conservatism needs to be dismantled for many reasons, not least of which is the irreversible impact it has had on the American economy.

But, mostly, conservatism needs to be dismissed because it is dull. It's boring. The people who have become famous in the wake of neo-conservatism are all dullards: Dennis Miller, Hillary Clinton, Rush Limbaugh, Christopher Hitchens, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, to name a few. Dullness is simply the order of the day for conservatives (neo- and old-fashioned).

Now and then, somebody speaks up (besides me).

Recently, I got an unlikely hero in the form of Barry Manilow.

I have always been told that Manilow is an amazing performer, a true professional, that his show is one of the best in the business. I believe everyone who tells me this, but I have never taken in his show. His material is just a little too . . . what's the kind word? . . . soft, for me.

Earlier this week, Manilow posted on his website:
Hey guys,

I wanted to let you know that I will no longer be on The View tomorrow as scheduled. I had made a request that I be interviewed by Joy, Barbara or Whoopi, but not Elisabeth Hasselback. Unfortunately, the show was not willing to accommodate this simple request so I bowed out.

It’s really too bad because I've always been a big supporter of the show, but I cannot compromise my beliefs. The good news is that I will be on a whole slew of other shows promoting the new album so I hope you can catch me on those.

See, Latest News at

And in another statement on Monday, Manilow is quoted on saying:
I strongly disagree with her views. I think she's dangerous and offensive. I will not be on the same stage as her.

That's a pretty bold statement from someone I have always assumed has nothing to say.

Conservative views are dangerous, because they are always about restricting the freedom of others under the guise of "protecting" America, or marriage, or children, or some other hot-button topic. Conservatives want to block a woman's right to reproductive freedom, and the rights of homosexuals to enjoy the Constitution, they want to cut funding for eduction, and limit the rights of workers to a fair wage and safe workplace.

Conservatives want everything to be like it was in feudal times, and that is bad for America. Just look at what Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II have done to America. They have almost destroyed our nation, our national heritage, and our national culture. They have sold us to the highest bidder, regardless of long-term consequences.

And dullards like Elisabeth Hasselbeck help promote this mentality, this movement, this scheme. And people like Elisabeth Hasselbeck need to be marginalized and stopped before America is destroyed from the inside and out.

I say, three cheers for Barry Manilow!

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Liz said...

Barry has been on the View twice in the past year and both times the dull Hasselbeck was present. So why does he suddenly care now? He wasn't bothered before! His shows are amazing but I'm reminded of a story Kel told about Manilow being queeny to her friend and not, and I quote, allowing women in his personal space! Eep.