Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"When I Grow-up I Want To Be A Good American . . . "

Fox News has released the transcript of an essay they purchased from Scooter Libby's sixth grade teacher. At the end of the year, this teacher asked each student to write an essay about the future. Libby was amazingly prescient as a child. Read his essay:

"When I Grow-up I Want To Be A Good American"
by Scooter Libby

I want to be a patriot!

I want to serve my government by working with the people who know that God's intention for America is to abandon spiritual notions of trusting God, taking stock of myself, and serving humanity, because we can convince television-watching Americans that God really wants America to be a profit-driven cash machine for a tiny number of people.

When I grow-up I want to serve these men with diligence and do anything they say and protect them from any criticism. I want to be asked to stand-up for what they believe is right and I want to lie with impunity.

I want to manipulate the media and use its power to smear the men who disagree with us and then I want to teach them a real lesson by endangering their families. I particularly want to hurt their wives, because that's what a real patriot does.

I want to violate some of the most sacred and sometimes unspoken rules of international diplomacy all in the name of profit, irrespective of the ramifications. I want to hurt my nation as deeply as I can, because that's what a patriot does in the name of money.

I want to swear on a Bible that I will tell the truth about bad things that have happened and then I want to lie to the jurists who keep the United States safe and free. A real patriot knows that people don't want to really know the truth, they want to be lied-to and I will be the guy who can help!

I want to be the fall-guy for racketeers who run the world's most-established military contractors. I want these military contractors to be in business with our enemies in Arabia, and I want to help protect them because I will be guaranteed money and a plum position on a board when I leave the service of the government. I want that government to be in a shambles when I retire, because that's what a good patriot does to America.

I want to stand in front of television cameras and insist I have done nothing wrong, and I want commentators who know better to defend me. A good patriot manipulates the media effectively, and I want to be a good patriot.

I want to be convicted of the crimes I've committed and sentenced to prison, because I know I am protecting America by covering-up for the racketeers destroying my country.

After I help destroy my nation, like a good American, I want to be rewarded by the men in cahoots with our enemies. A real American knows that service to the United States should be done only for profit, never for the betterment of our nation.

I want to be sentenced to a long prison term, because I know the ring-leader will spring me before I spend even a moment behind bars. A good American respects and trusts that the President will take care of his own, and I want to be a good American.

I want to laugh all the way to the bank while my nation's Constitution is trampled upon, ignored and treated like a mere inconvenience.

That's what I want to do when I grow-up: I want to be a good American.

Next . . . "What I did on my summer vacation," by Scooter Libby.

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ella said...

Hi, long time no see! What do you think of Bernstein's Hillary? And -- more important -- how your summer going?


DM said...

My Summer is fantastic. How is yours?

I have not read "Hillary" because the mere mention of the woman's name turns my stomach and raises my ire.